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The same is true with your vehicle.  Make sure to always have a spare key attached to your vehicle in a magnetic lock box or some other hiding place.  Vehicle keys have a new problem that you must be made aware.  Almost every vehicle made after 2000 has some type of anti thief system on them called a transponder or a chip key. 

I can’t tell you how important it is to always make sure you have two keys that will start your vehicle.  In a lot of the cases if you lose your only working transponder chip key it will cost you hundreds of dollars to get a new key made for your vehicle.

All this can be avoided just by having a spare key on the vehicle that you can access in the event you locked your keys in the vehicle or your lost your only working transponder chip key.

Remember the scammers are out there for one reason to rip you off for as much money as they can.  They can be nasty to you if you don’t pay the huge bill they give you.  They will always tell you if you don’t pay they will call the police.  If they do that tell them no need to call the police because you have already done so.  I guarantee you they will jump in their vehicle and drive off as fast as possible.   This is because most of them are in this country illegally and can’t afford to be arrested by the police.  They will be deported back to their home country.

Now transponder chip keys can be very expensive.  Here is my suggestion.  Have your local locksmith make you a spare metal key that will only open the door.  Then you hide your expensive transponder chip key inside the vehicle.  In the event you are locked out or lost your keys you will be able to open you vehicle and drive off.  All of this is done with never having to call a locksmith out to assist you.


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