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The scams work this way.  You do a search on the Internet for a locksmith in your area.  You call the number that is listed on the Internet search results.  You are given a local number t call.  This gives you the allusion that you are calling someone local.  In most cases that is not the case.  You are actually calling a call center located in a different state.  They will answer the phone with a generic sounding name like locksmith or locksmith services.  You explain you situation to them and they tell you a service technical will call you right back.  When you ask them the price to come out they will quote you a very low price like 20 or 25 dollars to come out.  Then you ask them is that the total cost they say No the service technician will tell you the actual cost once he/she comes out and completes the job.  And they always tell you they have a service technician in the area and can come to your location within a few minutes. 


At first you are so excited you are getting a locksmith to come to your location in a few minutes and it is going to cost you a low price.  So you tell them to have the service technician call you and come out.

What is actually happening in the background that you have no idea of.  Is the call center you just called is searching his database for a scammer in your area.  Now the fun begins.  The so called service technician calls you back in a few minutes and he/she will have a very heavy middle eastern accent.  They are usually from Israel.  You are now entered into the world of the locksmith scammer.  He/she will tell you they are only a few minutes away and they charge a trip fee of 20 or 25 dollars to come out and take care of your emergency locksmith needs. 

They are never only a few minutes away.  I have heard of cases where the customer has waiting 3 or 4 hours for the locksmith to show up.  When they arrive they tell you some stupid story that your locks are high security and they can’t be picked open so without even trying they reach for the drill and destroy your locks.  They do this because they know if they drill out your locks you have to purchase new locks.  They install junk locks on your doors and charge for 10 times the going rate for the locks.

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